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Music Class


who are we?

Motherland Music is a community interest company set up by Amrit Sohal. It all began with a desire to learn about composers of colour, and a realisation that this is often overlooked in the UK curriculum. So Amrit decided that it was time for a change!

What We Do

Here at Motherland Music we run fun, inclusive, and educational workshops that are focussed around composers of colour. We love creativity, and  encourage this in our participants by guiding them in composing their own piece. 

What We believe

At Motherland Music, we believe creativity and representation is key to a well rounded musical education. We hope it leads to young people feeling empowered and represented in what they learn. Exposure to composers from all walks of life will show young people that no matter their background, they are able to pursue this path if they desire.

Our Aims
  • To increase representation of composers of colour.

  • Inspire creativity in young people through composition.

  • Make music accessible for young people from BAME backgrounds.

Man Playing Drum
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