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Music Class

What we do

Capoeira Music Instruments
Boy Playing Trombone
Our workshops
Our workshops consist of the following things:
  • 4, 1 hour workshops that occur over a 4 week period (online workshops 30-40 minutes)
  • Each workshop is for one class (25-30 children), and as the workshops lead on from one to the next, the same children would need to be present for each one.
  • The workshops can take place in the classroom or in a larger space, we are happy to work with the spaces available.
  • In the series of workshops we explore the music of composers from an ethnic minority backgrounds. We will learn about the composers looked at, and explore the inter-related dimensions of music (musical elements such as dynamics) through the music of the composer.
  • We really value creativity, and think it is an incredibly important thing to cultivate in young people. So as part of our workshops our aim is to compose a piece of music, either as a class or in groups, inspired by what we have learnt and by the composers works.

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